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Home Staging – Your Competitive Edge

Tired of being asked to discount your valuable services in order to get listings?

As a listing agent, your clients are depending on you to sell their home in the shortest amount of time, and at the best price the market will bear. Home Staging is the tool that will help you do just that, and at The Staging Goddess, we provide the creativity, experience and proven results to assist you. Don’t discount your services – use The Staging Goddess instead!

Offer a Home Staging Referral to your Clients

Encourage your clients who are selling their home to consider The Staging Goddess as an excellent way of merchandising their home to its full potential. Referring The Staging Goddess is an ideal way of getting your listing in top shape quickly, while avoiding the need to convince your client that their home needs work before it is listed for sale. We specialize in vacant staging and also take care of the professional photography for you!

Offer a Home Staging Service as Part of Your Listing Package

Providing Staging services to your clients is a great way to differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace. For a minimum investment, our value added services show your client that you are determined to sell their house for top dollar… rather than just reducing the listing price. Your MLS pictures will also shine and entice purchasers to view your properties first.

Consultation – A Realtor’s Favorite - $90.00

  • Includes an extensive walk-through to determine exactly what needs to be done
  • We will give your clients redesigning information as well as creative tips
  • We will address all areas of concern including paint color, cleanliness and repairs

We might also recommend to your client to rent an accessory package to complete the property's look with the Wow Factor!

Remember you only have one chance to make a good First Impression …make it count!

Top Benefits for You

  • We include Professional photos – no cost to you (on Vacant Properties)
  • Reduce time on the market, increase sale price
  • Distinct marketing advantage
  • Attract a broader range of buyers
  • Receive higher appraisals
  • Professional image on MLS, flyers and websites
  • Gain referrals and repeat business
  • Earn the reputation that your listings always show well and sell faster
  • We address sensitive home owner issues (cleanliness, pets, odors etc.) – not you.
  • Your commissions will remain high
  • We teach the home owner how to maintain the home during the listing
  • Clients will appreciate the value-added service
  • Always costs less than a reduction in the listing price
  • Buyers view staged homes as “well cared for” properties
  • Builds a satisfied & loyal client base
  • Stands out from the rest in a slow market
  • Creates more interest and increases the possibility of multiple offers in an active market

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